Elysium Village

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who owns Elysium Village?

A: Ownership has recently changed hands and is now being operated by a well established Queensland family who have many financial interests in the Scenic Rim district. Their aim is to ensure Elysium homeowners enjoy a peaceful and secure lifestyle whilst residing in their village.

Q: Do I own my home at Elysium Village?

A: YES. One of the main reasons why life at Elysium Village is so affordable is that we have seperated the ownership of the land from the ownership of the home. When you buy a home at Elysium Village you also enter into a Site Leasehold Agreement over the land upon which your home is situated on. Although you do not own the land, your right to live in your home is guaranteed and protected by Queensland law under The Queensland Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) ACT 2003, for an indefinite period of time.

Q: Do you have to be retired to live at Elysium Village?

A: No. Our village is designed for the over 50’s (especially those young at heart) whether retired or not.

Q: Are the homes at Elysium Village able to be purchased by investors?

A: No. Only those people who intend to be owner occupiers may purchase homes in our community. The park owner does not offer rental accomodation nor can the home owner.

Q: What happens when I enter into an unconditional new home contract?

A: Once you express your desire to enter into an unconditional new home contract, our sales manager will invite you to select your preferred site, home design and list of inclusions. You will then be presented with a schedule detailing the cost of your new home. If you are happy with the price, then you will be requested to enter into a standard building contract for the construction of your new home.

Q: What is the duration of my Site Agreement?

A: Your Form 2 Site Agreement does not have an expiration date and can only be ended by mutal agreement between you and the park owner, or by an order of The Commercial and Consumer Tribunal. The Park Owner of Elysium Village can never unilaterally terminate your Site Agreement. Your right to live and enjoy the facilities on offer at Elysium Village is protected by law.

Q: How long will it take to complete the construction of my new home?

A: Your new home at Elysium Village will be built by Franklin Constructions Pty Ltd. A company with 52 years experience of building designer homes in and around The Scenic Rim district. You can expect to be living in your new home approximately 12 to 16 weeks * (STC) from the commencement of construction.

Q: Is my home guaranteed?

A: YES. Every home constructed by Franklin Constructions Pty Ltd is covered by a statutory structural guarantee which spans a period of six years and six months. This guarantee provides you with additional peace of mind.

Q: Do I receive title to my home?

A: YES Absolutely. Immediately upon making your final progress payment, you will receive a Certificate of Ownership as confirmation of your investment at the village.

Q: Is my home treated for termites?

A: Steel frames are impervious to termites, boast superior quality, durability, safety and are environmentally friendly. Steel homes win over every time.

Q: Can I have a pet?

A: YES. We appreciate your pet is part of your family and they are welcome to reside in the home. However, prior approval will be required from the Village Manager. Note that there is a pet policy which forms part of the Park rules and must be adhered to.

Q: Who is responsible for the upkeep of lawns?

A: The resident homeowner is responsible for maintaining lawns at the front, side & rear of their homes as well as their front gardens. The common areas and around The Country Club are the responsibility of The Park Owner. Residents are responsible for maintaining lawns at the front, side & rear of their home site, as well as their front gardens. 

Q: Am I entitled to Government Rent Assistance?

A: YES. If you are on a pension or benefit from Centerlink or Veteran’s Affairs, then you may be entitled to receive rental assistance. Please contact the relevant Government Departments to verify your eligibility. Village Management is unable to discuss eligibility requirements with you.

Q: Can I keep my caravan, trailer or boat at Elysium Village?

A: YES. Residents can store their caravan, trailer or boat in the temporary parking area. Storage is however subject to the availability of space and conditions.

Q: Am I allowed to have visitors stay with me for a short period?

A: YES. Family & friends are always welcome to visit and stay with you for short periods. However, additional fees can apply if any more than two people occupy your home on a long term or permanent basis. Children must be supervised at all times.

Q: Can I sell my home to someone else?

A: YES. You are able to sell your home personally, or if you wish, leave it to a beneficiary in your will. You can elect to sell your home at any time. Note however that future owners of your home must agree to be bound by a Site Agreement with the Park owner.

Q: Does Elysium Village offer security?

A: YES. The resort is completely fenced, entry & exit is through front security gate. Our resident manager is also on hand to keep a watchful eye over things.

Q. Does Elysium Village have an emergency plan and meeting place?

A. Yes. Under the MHIA act it is compulsory and a plan is provided to every home owner.

Q: How do I secure my home or site at Elysium Village?

A: It’s easy! A fully refundable holding deposit will give you a conditional first option on your preferred site. On any new build stock home or re-sale home $1,000.00 deposit will secure will secure your future home for 45 days. You are able to request a full refund of your holding deposit at any time2